Welcome to Ambrosia

Welcome to Ambrosia Nagpur - Your Perfect Nature Get away!


AMBROSIA - Enter a new world, full of possibilities. At Ambrosia, you can leave your cares behind and submit to luxurious living of a global standard. A world of ease, within which your needs are met by unparalleled amenities and exceptional levels of service designed by internationally renowned architects and designers to make it a perfect holiday spot for your family.

The villas are surrounded with greenery and farms with a diverse variety of trees bearing almost all kinds of juicy fruits to enrich your life with sweetness. Sometimes you just want to get away from all and that's where we lead you to Ambrosia.

Far from the maddening crowd and the worldly hustle is Ambrosia the heaven of the green city located on just a few minutes drive from Nagpur. Ambrosia provides you 300 acres area with an exciting destination of a lush green garden, splendid play area specially designed for your children, a unique club house and a chic swimming pool to relax with pleasure.


It's about few minutes drive  and you can reach a peaceful place, away from any noisy and crowded place.

Guests adore Ambrosia because it's a dream come true! Imagine stepping into a world of luxury and nature's embrace, where everything feels magical and extraordinary.
Luxurious Hideaway: At Ambrosia, you get to live like royalty in stunning farmhouses with private pools and beautiful gardens. It's like having your own fairytale castle!

Culinary Delights: Our chefs are culinary wizards, conjuring up mouthwatering dishes that leave your taste buds dancing with joy. Each bite is a burst of flavor!
Memorable Moments: Ambrosia is the place to celebrate life's best moments! Be it family get-togethers or destination weddings, we make sure every occasion is unforgettable.
Fun and Laughter: Splash into endless fun at our water-pools and recreation area. It's a paradise of laughter and play for everyone - from kids to the young at heart!
Magical Escape: Ambrosia is not just a resort; it's a magical escape from the ordinary. Every moment here feels like a fairytale you never want to end.
Come and experience the enchantment of Ambrosia Nagpur - where joy, luxury, and nature's wonders await you!

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